Tom Forsyth's starkly functional web page.

Email address is: tom dot forsyth at eelpi dot gotdns dot org

Twitter: @tom_forsyth

Although I do have Facebook and LinkedIn accounts, I very rarely log in or check messages.

This web page might reside on various servers, please use the link So if it does move, you'll still get to the right one. Thanks.


I work at Oculus VR helping make the Rift the finest VR HMD in the world.

I worked at Valve Software doing Virtual Reality R&D. I wrote big chunks of the Team Fortress 2 VR support for the Oculus Rift.

I worked at Intel as a software and hardware architect on the Larrabee project, which has now become Knights Ferry/Corner/Landing, and is sold as the Xeon Phi.

I worked at the fabulous RAD Game Tools in Seattle, where I worked on Granny3D, which is a runtime animation package and mesh export pipeline. If you're a games company, you'd be crazy not to at least get an evaluation.

I worked at wonderful wonderful Muckyfoot Productions in Guildford until its demise where I worked on Urban Chaos, StarTopia and Blade II.

In the past I have also worked at 3Dlabs, Sega, and Microprose, as well as run my own tiny games company you've never heard of.

Research and Documentation

The Papers Wot I Wrote - all my published work and lectures.

My blog mainly about rendering. RSS feed available.

A collection of public info about Larrabee/Knights/XeonPhi.

I have a now rather obsolete FAQ about DirectX - especially useful if you need to cope with really old graphics cards.

I did a new patch for StarTopia! which incorporates some of my shadowing ideas.

I usually hang out on the GDAlgorithms and DirectXDev mailing lists, and the forums, although Twitter has replaced most of these now.


I have lots of hobbies, but this is my most expensive and visible one.


Caterham Seven SV. Stupid fast in a straight line, corners better than anything, and with zero driver aids it's an incredibly visceral driving experience. 27mpg - eccentric British motoring madness!

Nissan GT-R. Fast in an entirely different way to the Seven - it's refined and eminently capable - barely breaks a sweat until you're north of 100. Absolutely retains the feel of the old Skyline - Nissan have yet again made an awesome beast of a car.

BREAKING NEWS! The black Nissan GT-R has now been replaced by... a brand new black Nissan GT-R. It looks identical.

Subaru Impreza WRX (the 2002 model with the bug-eye headlights). This is my "sensible" family sedan/saloon. Four doors, trunk/boot, 4 wheel drive, economical, reliable, and completely unstoppable by rain or snow. And still easily fast enough to have silly fun in.

Skyline R33 GTS - sadly, I had to sell this awesome car when I moved to Seattle.


I helped mod a Wiki server to be more C++ friendly. It's over here.

The GamePark32 - possibly the best handheld gaming platform in the world - ever.

My wife's photoblog - mainly hiking and birds, but also pictures of cars, holidays, etc.

I like XCom. And who doesn't? I used to have some very hacky tips on running XCom Apocalypse under XP which didn't really work very well and the sound was a bit funny, but the other day I just went and bought it off Steam for $5, and the chaps at Valve have made it Just Work with no screwing around.


If you haven't met me recently, I changed my hair just a tad. Here's a before and after:

And on a happier note, I got a plaque for Larrabee / Knights Ferry. Which is cool.

I put the US$ quarter there for scale. I suspect there's no actual chunk of silicon inside this particular package, but still - that's a big mother hubbard of a chip. I've shipped games before, and that's pretty damn cool to see the box sitting on the shelf in the shop, but in the end it's "just" a DVD. This - this is a chunk of sand and metal processed with the finest technology in the world, and the original design and principles - I thought of that. That's pretty cool.